Photos: Hillmount Bleach Green

In 2003, Hillmount Bleach Green closed after more than 250 years of bleaching, beetling and dying cloth. The owners are now looking for ideas, investors, tenants and business partners to develop the site, with a view to driving people, jobs and economic activity back into the area.

2015-05-16 17.52.20

About the site

Hillmount Bleach Green is a 5 acre industrial site located on the banks of the River Maine half a mile to the north east of Cullybackey in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The site was home to the Hillmount linen bleaching works which were operational from the early 1700s through to the early 2000s. At it’s peak in the mid-nineteenth century the factory employed 600 people, provided a livelihood for a sizeable community in the local area and was one of the largest bleaching mills in Ulster.

Since the end of operations in 2003 many of the buildings and works have fallen into disrepair, but the site still reflects Ulster’s rich industrial heritage and is remembered fondly by the local community. Unfortunately in its abandoned state nature and vandalism have begun to take their toll and the owners are seeking to flatten the remaining infrastructure and attract new industrial activity onto the site for the following reasons:

Employment: The Hillmount linen works were a significant employer for the local community and provided families in the area with a strong social and economic means from which to grow and prosper. This is something we have lost and the owners would like to restore through attracting new industrial enterprises onto the site.

Water power: At the heart of the development of the Hillmount linen works was the location on the banks of the River Maine. Water wheels and laterally water turbines were used to provide power for the industrial activity on site. Water power remains a key part of the site today. Two separate hydroelectric schemes with a combined capacity of 400kW generate1.5GWh per year. The power is currently sold to the Northern Ireland Electricity, but the owners would like to use this green electricity to support future industrial activity on the site.

Location: The site is located in an elbow of the River Maine and is surrounded by open fields and mature woodland. It has excellent transport links with both Ballymena and Belfast through both road and rail, situated close to the M2 motorway and within walking distance of Cullbackey station on the main Belfast – Derry train line. It would be a 40 minute commute from central Belfast.

Photos of the site (Taken April 2015)

2015-05-16 19.18.12
2015-05-16 19.11.22
2015-05-17 14.14.24
2015-05-16 19.07.05
2015-05-16 19.07.37
2015-05-16 19.05.20
2015-05-17 14.12.52
2015-05-16 18.45.53
2015-05-16 19.02.20
2015-05-17 14.09.14
2015-05-16 18.38.17
2015-05-16 18.49.05
2015-05-16 18.56.27
2015-05-16 18.54.47
2015-05-16 19.01.58
2015-05-16 18.57.23
2015-05-16 18.52.58
2015-05-16 18.59.01
2015-05-16 19.13.41
2015-05-16 17.55.24
2015-05-17 14.04.37
2015-05-17 13.55.50
2015-05-17 13.59.05
2015-05-17 14.02.28
2015-05-17 13.58.27
The owners are looking to attract new industrial enterprises to operate on the site, with a view to working collaboratively through either a tenancy, joint venture or partnership arrangement.About the ownersThe site is owned by Hillmount Holdings Ltd, a family business managed by the Frazer family. The Directors are Andrew and Juliet Frazer alongside their son, William Frazer.

Contact William Frazer for more information


Phone: 07500723667

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